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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Keeping Children Safe

  • Keeping Children Safe Is Everyone's Responsibility Keeping Children Safe Is Everyone's Responsibility (PDF, 351 Kb)

    This leaflet is for everyone and is being widely distributed via Schools, Health, Children and Young People's Services, Police, Probation, and Voluntary groups etc.

    It gives general information about the nature of abuse that children may suffer and the action that needs to be taken by anyone - professional or a member of the public - if they are concerned about a child.

  • Keeping Children Safe Poster Keeping Children Safe Poster (PDF, 100 Kb)

    This is an A4 sized poster which is useful to display as a reminder.


    This leaflet advises parents on the sort of questions they need to ask when they entrust their children into the care of someone else.

Private Fostering

Safeguarding Adults - What you Need to Know

Safeguarding Adults - Say No to Adult Abuse

  • Are you concerned about your child's sexual behaviour? Are you concerned about your child's sexual behaviour? (PDF, 730 Kb)

    This booklet is for families whose child has been involved in sexual behaviour that has been harmful to others. Please note that this leaflet is quite old however there is some very useful information and guidance within it. You can seek further guidance from the SCP Procedures (see green button at top of this page).