Working in partnership

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children Learning

The LSCB updated Competency Framework & Training Strategy is now available.

Welcome to Leicester City and Leicestershire & Rutland (LLR) Safeguarding Learning.

Leicester City and Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children Boards work together to provide safeguarding learning, that supports all who work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children & young people.

Learning, development and training opportunities can support individuals, managers and organisations in understanding and undertaking their safeguarding roles and responsibilities in a confident, competent and committed manner.

These pages give the key information about the LSCB Competency Framework and Training Strategy. It also provides local training opportunities and resources to support learning.

The LSCB 'Multi-Agency Training' is funded by both LSCB boards & local partners. Therefore, the programme is designed to meet the learning needs within Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. To be sustainable, there may be a charge to attend and this is set out in the Charging Policy.

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Learning, Development & Training Strategy and associated documents are the intellectual property of Leicestershire & Rutland and Leicester City Safeguarding Boards, and cannot be used without expressed permission of those LSCB's, and must not be reproduced or used for commercial or financial gain.