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Working in partnership

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children Learning

Welcome to the Leicester City and Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Learning pages. Both Safeguarding Children Boards work in partnership in respect of safeguarding learning that supports paid practitioners, volunteers and other staff in their work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

Learning, development and training opportunities can support individuals, managers and organisations in understanding and undertaking their safeguarding roles and responsibilities in a confident, competent and committed manner.

These pages give the key information about the LSCB Learning, Development and Training Strategy. It also provides local training opportunities and resources to support learning and ensure that learning is effective, to promote better outcomes for children and young people.

The primary focus of the strategy is to support the workforce in having the necessary skills and knowledge, in order to undertake safeguarding responsibilities in a confident, competent and committed manner, appropriate to their role and responsibility.

The Safeguarding Learning, Development & Training Strategy became operational in April 2014; there are regular briefing events which can be booked onto here.

The briefing sessions will support organisations and key individuals to understand their role around safeguarding learning and a competency based approach, with a focus on looking at the links between learning and training, and how this learning is transferred into practice and improved outcomes for children.

Briefing sessions will support organisational leads, managers and those involved in safeguarding training and learning. This also includes 'stand alone' practitioners who work independently - ie child minders / private tutors etc.

Who should attend the briefing sessions?

  • Strategic leads for Workforce Development / Learning & Development.
  • Managers and supervisors who work with children and families
  • Organisational and strategic leads and managers who have the responsibility for arranging safeguarding learning
  • Those who commission or deliver training, development and learning opportunities
  • Those who are involved in Contracting / Commissioning of services who work with children and families.
  • Those who are independent practitioners.

Essential information:

Please note: this session is not a safeguarding training session, and therefore would not count as the mandatory 3 year safeguarding training or refresher training.

Children's Workforce Matters - Safeguarding Training

Please click on this link which will take you to the page for Safeguarding Training

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Learning, Development & Training Strategy and associated documents are the intellectual property of Leicestershire & Rutland and Leicester City Safeguarding Boards, and cannot be used without expressed permission of those LSCB's, and must not be reproduced or used for commercial or financial gain.