SCP Competency Framework & Training Strategy

The Safeguarding Children Competency Framework is for use by Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Children's Workforce. Its purpose is to support individuals and organisations to undertake their safeguarding roles and responsibilities in a confident and competent manner.

The Framework is for everyone who works or volunteers with children, young people and their families, or who is responsible for improving their outcomes. However, if your organisation has a mandatory Safeguarding Framework, the training will meet the requirements of the SCPs if it generally aligned with this framework. Therefore, it is not necessary to complete this framework in addition to your agency standards.

However, if your organisation does not have a Safeguarding Framework in place, meeting the competencies would support an environment to meet the safeguarding expectations of the SCP.

The Training Strategy sets out the vision and mechanisms to ensure the successful delivery the Multi–Agency Training Programme.