Tell someone

You need to tell someone what has happened. This is called reporting.

The police or social care worker will want you to talk about the bad thing that has happened to you.

But it is the police and the social care worker's job to tell the right people if they feel that you have been treated or hurt very badly.

It is their job to make sure that you are safe. The police or social worker will usually let you know if they are going to tell people who support you like your family, carers or staff.

The police or a social care worker will need to write down what you have told them. This is called a statement. The police may use a camera to video what you have told them. This is also called a statement. This may be used later in court.

What happens next?

Abuse can be a crime.

Some people who the police believe have committed crimes may be sent to court. The courts are a group of people who decide if a crime has taken place and what punishment should be given.

This may happen at a court room or at a different office. If you have to go to court, you will be given lots of help and support. There are specially trained staff who will help you through this.