Social Network Sites

There are lots of social network sites. You will have a profile page which is a place;

  • with information about you
  • to leave messages
  • to put photos and videos
  • to talk to people who are on the website at the same time as you. This is called instant messaging or IM.

You will need your own user name and password to log on to these websites.

The information on this webpage can help you keep safe.


Be careful what you type when on a social networking site. Your words can been seen by lots of people, not just your online friends.

Think about any photo or video that you upload onto your profile. You do not know who will be looking at your photo. Some people may use your photo without asking you.

Remember your password. Never tell anyone your password, not even your best friends. If you need help to remember it, write it down and put it somewhere safe.

Privacy settings make sure that only people you choose as friends can see your information.

You may need help to set your privacy settings.

Never type the address of where you live. It would be ok to say the area that you live in, like Leicester.

Make sure that no one can see your phone numbers. You can do this by changing your privacy settings.

Be careful when talking to people using the computer or mobile phone. It can be fun but remember they may not be who they say they are.

Remember, if you plan to meet someone you have never met before:

  • meet them in a place where lots of people are around, like a café, pub or shopping centre
  • let a friend know where you are going. Let them know when you are back home safely.