Sharing Photos and Videos

Lots of people like to share their photos and videos.

Uploading photos and videos is a great way of keeping in touch with your family and friends.

Being safe online can be hard. The information on this webpage is about keeping safe when sharing photos and videos on your computer and mobile phone. It is also about being safe when using a webcam.

Things you should know

Photos and Videos

Only upload photos and videos that you would be happy for lots of people to see, including people you do not know.

You can delete pictures from your social media profiles, but they may have been stored somewhere else [see What the Words Mean, 'screenshot'].

You need to be careful because some photos and videos

  • may tell people more information about you, like where you live and what school you go to.
  • can be changed to make fun of you and then put back on the Internet where lots of people can see them.


A webcam is a camera that links into your computer. This allows you to talk to and see other people. Most laptops have webcams built in to them, as the picture shows.

Be careful if you use a webcam because

  • lots of people could be watching.
  • it can be easy to get carried away and share too much personal information.
  • you may be asked to do things you do not want to do.

All these things can put you at risk.

Remember always turn the webcam off once you have finished using it. If you have a laptop with a built in webcam, this will automatically turn off when your laptop is fully shut down.

Be careful what you download from the Internet

Some sexual photos and videos can be against the law.

It can also be against the law to download music for free from some websites.

If you do this you could be in trouble with the Police.