Police Officers and Staff

Most people who work for the police wear uniforms

Police Officer

This is a police officer. The job of the police is to help keep people safe from crime and abuse.

They will help if something happens to you or if you need help with being safe.

Police Community Support Officer

This is a police community support officer.

They work with the police. It is their job to know their local area and the people who live there. A police community support officer can give you free advice about keeping your home and yourself safe.

A police community support officer may visit you at your home to talk to you about being safe.

Sometimes police officers do not wear uniforms

Some police will wear ordinary clothes like you and drive an ordinary car.

It is a police officer's job to work with adults to help them to be safe from abuse.

This police officer may visit you at home or at a place where you feel comfortable, like at the day service. You may visit them at the police station or office.

They will have a badge which will tell you that they are a police officer.

Social care workers

There are a team of social care workers who work for Adult and Communities in Leicestershire and Rutland. A social care worker will have a badge on them that will tell you their name and job.

If you or someone else has told a social care worker that a bad thing has happened to you, like abuse, it is the social care worker's job to find out what has happened.

The social care worker may work with the police to look at the best ways to keep you safe. A social care worker will look at the support you may need. This may mean talking to other staff that you know like nurses and doctors.

A social care worker may visit you once or lots of times. Social care workers can visit you in a place of your choice like your home or a day service.