Exploitation of Adults at Risk (Cuckooing)

Resources available to support practice with Adults at risk of exploitation: Cuckooing


The guidance was developed in response to increasing numbers of safeguarding enquiries relating to cuckooing, both nationally and locally. Cuckooing is a term used for when someone's home is taken over by others and used for criminal activities, such as drug dealing.

The guidance is available on the link below.


The cuckooing guidance sets out a co-ordinated, multi-agency response designed to protect adults deemed at risk of cuckooing and ensure that any significant issues raised are appropriately addressed.

It does not specify which professionals need to be involved in the process or prescribe any specific actions that may need to be taken as this will be decided on a case by case basis.

Any agency can trigger a multi-agency meeting and may be appropriate to be "Lead Agency".

Even if you are not actively working with the adult, your involvement may be beneficial for the multi-agency meeting

It is not about who is currently working with the adult, it is about who should be working with them based on their support needs.


The guidance was launched in November 2020 via a webinar as part of Safeguarding Adults Week. This event was recorded and is now available by following the links provided. A PowerPoint and useful links supporting the event are also available.