Different types of abuse

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is when people talk to you in unkind ways, like shouting, frightening you, swearing, teasing, ignoring you, putting you down or treating you like a child.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when some one touches your body or private parts in a way you do not like or want. This includes kissing you, making you touch them, having sex with you when you do not want to.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse would be if someone uses your house, money, benefits or pension books without you saying that they can.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is when someone wants to hurt you like hitting, slapping, pushing or burning you with something. Physical abuse is not an accident.

Deprivation of liberty

Liberty means being free to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. If your carers or staff stopped you from doing things you want to do, this is called deprivation of liberty.


Neglect is when people who are supposed to look after you, don't look after you properly.

Neglect would be not giving you enough food or not giving you your tablets or medicine.

It would be neglect if someone did not keep you safe and warm.

It would be neglect if someone did not take you to the doctors if you are poorly.


Discrimination is when people treat you unfairly or bully you because you are different. This may be because of the colour of your skin, your religion, your disability or because you are gay.