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Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

Working Together to Safeguard Children (HM Government 2018) states that all Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) have a responsibility for ensuring that a review of each child death (0-18 years), of a child normally resident in the LSCB's area, is undertaken by a Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP). The panel is a Subgroup of the LCSBs and has statutory duties, roles and responsibilities. For Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) there is one panel that oversees all cases that require a review. The Child Death Overview Panel meets regularly to complete a multi-agency evaluation of all child deaths in the area, which is submitted to the Department for Education.

The Child Death Review manager and panel, on behalf of the LSCB, oversees notification of deaths and reports any areas of concern to the relevant Local Safeguarding Board.

The panel, which is currently chaired by Dr Robert Howard, aims to identify local lessons and issues of concern, and, where appropriate, to advocate the need for changes in policy, practices and public awareness. The aim is to promote child health and safety and help prevent future child deaths.

More details regarding the core purpose and key functions can be found in the CDOP Procedures.

If you are aware of a child death and the child is not a resident of LLR, please still inform the LLR CDOP office who will ensure the relevant information is passed on to the respective authority.