Trainers' Network

Are you currently involved in the development or delivery of Safeguarding Children’s Learning, Development and Training across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland?

The LSCB co-ordinates a Trainers' Network, in order to look at support and development/practice issues in this area. This Network builds upon the success of the previous trainers' network, and continues to look primarily at trainers' support needs and offers a regular opportunity for those directly involved to meet, to share knowledge, skills and create opportunities to develop the delivery of safeguarding training.

The group meets regularly and is a valuable opportunity to share information, keep updated with the local priorities and also network with colleagues locally. This also includes regular updates, information and helpful resources that are circulated and shared by this Trainers' Network.

The group is open all who are involved in the delivery of safeguarding training across the authorities. The group is also open to adult trainers who are responsible for training around Think Family or joint adult/children's safeguarding.

Trainers Network Events

All events are at City Hall - Leicester:

All events are open to all those involved in the delivery and commissioning of Safeguarding Children's Training across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

The sessions also welcomes adult trainers and those who support workforces who deliver safeguarding learning.

All events will have as standing items:

  • Training Strategy Update: Summary of implementation to date, and key messages for local trainers.
  • Sharing resources and agency updates
  • Networking & future planning.
  • Opportunity to meet with other trainers across LLR.

Essential information:

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland LSCB learning, development and training opportunities are funded by local partners, to support the development of the local workforce. Therefore these funded events are open only to those who work within, or support practitioners who work in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. (This may include national organisations.)

If you do not meet this criteria to attend the course, but still would like to attend - please contact the LSCB and you may be able to arrange to attend for a charge, dependent on spaces. Local practitioners would have priority on a waiting list.

Nonattendance charge:

Please be aware when booking this training event that the LSCB operates a charging policy of £50 for nonattendance / cancellations (whether a full or half day) with less than 24 hour's notice. Find out more about the charges on this webpage.

Dates for 2017 - 18

Future Dates:

6th September 2017: Joint Adults & Children's Network. Morning session (adults and children) afternoon session children's network.

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7th March 2018: Children's Trainers Network (agenda to be set)

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