Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence in Leicestershire and Rutland - Advice and Services

Single public helpline number: 0808 80 200 28

The service consists of:

· Helpline and Engagement Service provided by Free from Violence and Abuse (FreeVa)

· Domestic Abuse Locality Service provided by Living Without Abuse (LWA)

· Sexual Violence Support Service provided by FreeVa

· Leicestershire Safe Accommodation Support Service provided by Womens Aid Leicestershire Limited (WALL)

The contact number to access any help, support and advice is the helpline number, 0808 80 200 28 which is a freephone number hidden from bills. The service is available 7 days a week

Domestic Abuse - Resources Booklet

A guide for people who think their friend, relative, neighbour or colleague may be in a relationship with someone who is abusive