Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPRs)

A Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR) is an independent review into a case where a child has been seriously harmed or has died and abuse or neglect is known or suspected. CSPRs are carried out where partner organisations identify there may be learning from the case to improve the safeguarding and welfare of children, particularly regarding how organisations work together.

The aim of a CSPR is to establish any lessons learnt from the case and to identify how these have, or will be, acted upon and lead to sustainable improvements to practice and the prevention of death, serious injury or harm to children and young people.

CSPR referral forms can be found on the Board Members' section of the website. If you are not a Board member and need to make a referral for a CSPR, please contact the office for a referral form - (This is not a referral for safeguarding support – for safeguarding concerns, please use the report concerns button at the top of this page).

CSPRs completed under Working Together 2018 by the Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Children Partnership will be published here.

Child R (2020) LCSPR

If anyone wishes to access any previously published reviews, then they should contact the Safeguarding Partnerships Business Office on 0116 305 7130 or email