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How the Statutory, Voluntary and Community Sector Work Together to Safeguard Children

13th-24th SEPTEMBER 2021


How important is the Voluntary and Community Sector in Safeguarding Children?

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This conference will look at the 'Safeguarding System' across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland and how this works from early help and prevention through to child protection across partner agencies and in particular the important part that the voluntary and community sector plays.

It will also look at the Business Plan Priorities of the Safeguarding Children Partnerships and consider the role of all agencies including the VCS.

SCP Business Plan Priorities:

1) Safeguarding Babies

2) Child Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

3) Domestic Abuse and Child Safeguarding

4) Risk outside the Home/Contextual Safeguarding

5) Safeguarding Children from Diverse Backgrounds.

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