Tools for use in RSE lessons

For younger children

Share Aware, NSPCC and O2

This micro site holds two e-safety animations for children aged 10-12 years old to watch, but also advises parents that one of the best ways to keep children safe, is to talk openly and regularly about what they do and see online.

Nude Selfies, NCA-CEOP

A series of four films for parents and carers of young people of all ages, which are accompanied by a guidance pack and workshop plan for practitioners. These help people understand the reasons why young people create and share nude or nearly nude pictures of themselves. Film two gives advice on talking to young people. Film three is titled 'when you should be worried' and film four 'how to get help'.

CEOP – Thinkuknow?

CEOP's Thinkuknow programme provides a range of free educational resources - films, lesson plans, presentations, practitioner guidance, games and posters - for professionals working with children and young people. Through the use of the educational materials you can help to empower and protect young people from the harm of sexual abuse and exploitation, both online and off.

‘What’s Ok?’ – a lesson plan exploring what a healthy relationship looks like

This is a locally developed resource which accompanies the following short film:

Suitable for a 45-60 minute lesson, 'What's Ok?' aims to deliver the following learning outcomes:

- to enable young people to consider what behaviour is 'OK' and 'not OK' in relationships and consider how this might change depending on relationships

- to give young people the confidence to talk honestly with their partner, friends, or family about what they think is OK and not OK to ensure that their relationships feel right and healthy

- to give young people information about where to go for help if they are worried about their relationships.


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