What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse is when someone deliberately hurts or injures you. This can include hitting, kicking, hair pulling, beating with objects, throwing and shaking and can cause pain, cuts, bruising, broken bones and sometimes even death. Physical abuse can happen as a single event or over a longer period of time.

Physical abuse can be carried out by adults including your mum and dad as well as by other young people such as brothers, sisters, boyfriends, or girlfriends. Bullying can often involve hitting, kicking and hurting and this is also a form of physical abuse.

Experiencing physical abuse can leave you feeling:

  • Fearful
  • Anxious
  • Lonely and isolated
  • Depressed and sad
  • Worthless with low self-esteem
  • Like you want to self-harm
  • Like you want to run away
  • Unable to concentrate at school, eat or sleep properly

No one has the right to hurt you in this way.

Worryingly, lots of children and young people experience abuse. However, there are people out there who care and can help put a stop to it. Talk to someone / get help.

This information is from ChildLine's website where you can find lots of information, help and advice on a wide range of problems you might be facing.