Pets - including dangerous dog advice for parents, carers and concerned adults

Over the years there have been some very sad cases where children have been seriously injured or killed by family dogs, and we need to remember that it is never safe to leave a dog alone in a room with a child.

Even friendly & trusted dogs may react badly to a baby or child, or 'play' may get out of hand.

With regard to new members of a family, all dogs need some help adjusting. The Dog's Trust has good advice on preparing for new arrivals.

NHS Choices have produced a useful video with a Health Visitor giving guidance for parents 'how do I keep my young child safe around cats and dogs?'

The RSPCA has good advice about the care of pets

Dangerous dogs and animal advice from DEFRA

The Government department DEFRA has useful links about dogs, other animals and information about dangerous dogs

(type dog or pet or dangerous dog into the DEFRA website search box).

Emergencies, injuries or advice

In any emergency, please call 999 and request the relevant emergency service.

If anyone is injured, immediately seek medical advice and treatment.

Regarding issues with dangerous dogs, the Police can be contacted on 101 for advice. For further information, please click here to visit the Leicestershire Police "Animal Crime" webpage.

There is also a national "Ask the Police" website. On the A-Z section, click on 'D' and there is lots of advice about dogs. Please click here to visit this website.

In an emergency please ring 999.

Remember: NEVER leave any baby or child alone with any dog - no matter how trustworthy you think they are