Notifying the LA about a LAC moving into Leicestershire or Rutland

If a looked after child or young person is placed outside the geographical boundaries of their home local authority (called originating local authority), the local authority has a responsibility to notify agencies, including children's social care and health, of the move.

If the child or young person is subject to a Care Order or Interim Care Order, they remain the responsibility of the originating local authority until the order is discharged or expires. If the child or young person is accommodated they remain the responsibility of the originating authority until s/he is discharged from accommodation or agreement is reached.

When an originating local authority wishes to place a child in another authority (host local authority), the originating local authority will complete a notification form, including the risk assessment questions, and attach any additional information to support the risk assessments as negotiated. The form is then sent securely to the Nominated Point of Contact person in the host local authority where the child will reside.

A Protocol has been agreed across the East Midlands Safeguarding Children Partnerships and Local Authorities which can be accessed here:

The LAC Notification Form can be accessed further down this page within the LAC Pack section

The Nominated Points of Contact for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are:

LAC Pack

This pack has been designed by Leicestershire Police, in conjunction with partners involved in children's social care, health, education and local care providers. The pack includes useful information regarding police policy and procedure and also information around responding to risks faced by looked after children. The information pack aims to:

• Provide information to care providers and looked after children to promote awareness of the roles and responsibilities of all agencies involved in safeguarding.

• Build effective relationships between the police, care providers and looked after children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

• Enable a consistent approach to all incidents involving looked after children.

• Improve partnerships to ensure positive outcomes for looked after children.