No Recourse to Public Funds

Victims/survivors of domestic abuse who are subject to immigration control may have no recourse to public funds, which may be used as a tool to increase the isolation and sense of helplessness. Language barriers or a lack of access to information about domestic abuse and available support services may present further challenges to victims.

Specialist domestic abuse services can offer information and support to navigate these challenges and to safeguard the victim and dependants.

UK immigration policy is clear that migrants coming to the UK should be able to provide for themselves financially without relying on benefits from the state. However, the government is aware of the difficulties victims of domestic abuse face, in particular those who can't access public funds.

Because of this, the government provides help to these victims who have been admitted to the UK with leave as spouses, unmarried partners or civil partners of a British citizen, or of a non-citizen who is settled in the UK.

This allows domestic abuse victims to apply for indefinite leave to remain in their own right, if they have been victims of domestic abuse during the first two years of that relationship.

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