Longer term harm experienced by children and young people affected by domestic abuse

Children and young people may experience life-long social, psychological vulnerabilities as a result of the trauma they have experienced, which may include:

  • Mental health difficulties and risk of suicide/self-harm as a young person or in later life
  • Injury or physical ill-health, including the effects of substance misuse
  • Absence from school; difficulties concentrating; poorer educational outcomes and achievements.
  • Social isolation – including increased risk of homelessness
  • Behavioural issues including: risk of involvement in bullying or anti-social behaviour and Child to Parent Violence and Abuse
  • Difficulties forming or maintaining healthy relationships. This may include increased risk of young people experiencing intimate partner violence and abuse, either as victim or perpetrator
  • Difficulties maintaining healthy emotional or sexual boundaries. This may increase vulnerability to other abuse, including Child Sexual Exploitation.