People Using Drugs and Alcohol

Victims & survivors using drugs and alcohol

Victims experiencing domestic abuse may turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism and an escape from the violence. Additionally some victims are also introduced to substances by their abusive partners as a way of increasing control over them. These substances can further make it difficult for the victim to keep themselves safe or escape the abuse.

Women's Aid statistics suggest that women experiencing domestic abuse are up to fifteen times more likely to misuse alcohol and nine times more likely to misuse other drugs than their peers.

Perpetrators using drugs and alcohol

The use of alcohol and other substances may lead to an escalation in violence and abusive behaviour. Perpetrators who use alcohol or drugs may use this as an excuse for behaviour; however these difficulties do not remove personal responsibility, or potential for change.

Local specialist domestic abuse support services are trained to work positively with victims using drugs and alcohol and can signpost and refer to local support agencies for additional services.

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