Public helpline number: 0808 802 0028
Business line for professionals: 0116 255 0004

Leicestershire Multi-Agency Guide for Responding to Domestic Abuse

The Multi-Agency Guide for Responding to Domestic Abuse is designed to:

  • Support professionals to recognise domestic abuse and to respond safely and appropriately
  • Enhance professionals' understanding of additional barriers and vulnerabilities that victims and their families may experience, in order to enhance the safeguarding response
  • Highlight best practice for the identification and management of risk.

This guide does not provide an exhaustive list of options for responding to domestic abuse, and should be read in conjunction with:

Other relevant policies and protocols can be found at Section 5 (e.g. the MARAC Operating Protocol).

This guide may also be used and cross-referenced for single agency domestic violence/abuse policies as required.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the content and add a link to your internet browser favourites should you need to refer to it later. Links to further reading and information are provided where appropriate.