Dementia and the Herbert Protocol – Safe and Found

"The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George HERBERT, a War Veteran of the Normandy Landings who suffered with dementia. George sadly died while he was 'missing' on his way to his childhood home".

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme that has been introducedby Leicestershire Police.

When a person with a diagnosis of Dementia goes missing, it is a very stressful situation for family, friends and carers. It can also be stressful for those who work with vulnerable people in various residential settings.

The scheme encourages the person who has dementia, their family, other carers or professionals to provide vital information by filling in a user-friendly form (see below), with details such as relevant medical information, whether they have access to a mobile phone, money and any places of interest. A recent photograph can also be attached to the form.

Once completed, the form (aide memoire) can be used as a risk reduction tool in the event a loved one is reported missing. It will also help speed the process for the police with their investigation. It should be easily accessible and the police will only ask for the form in the event the person is reported missing.

The form should then be stored safely and appropriately either on a computer or on a printed version.

Any partner agency required to complete the form will become the data controllers and must store the information appropriately.