Children and young people from existing groups in Leicestershire and Rutland including Youth Councils and Children in Care Councils (CiCC) come together as a group with an overarching aim to continue to improve the effectiveness of safeguarding for children in Leicestershire & Rutland

The intended outcome of this is that:

  1. The work of the LSCB and its partners in safeguarding children is improved
  2. The decision making and work of the LSCB is directly influenced by children and young people
  3. Children and young people participating, gain additional knowledge, skills and experience

The rationale is to ensure the voices of children and young people are heard and taken into account in the work and direction of the LSCB, not just within individual agencies. Development of more visible voice of children and young people in the LSCB was a recommendation of Ofsted. Greater participation was a recommendation from Leicestershire Corporate Parenting Board.