Working in partnership

The Training Strategy and Competency Framework are currently under review, and the Multi-Agency Training Programme has been temporarily put on hold while we look at new arrangements.

We are hoping to launch a new Strategy, Competency Framework and Training Programme by August 2018.

Training Strategy, Strategic Management, Legislation, Regulations and Statutory Duties

The Strategy & Strategic Management

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children, Learning, Development and Training Strategy April 2014 will outline the strategic direction of Safeguarding Children Learning.

The implementation of the training strategy is managed by the Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Multi-Agency Training, Learning & Development Commissioning and Delivery Group.

The group has representatives from strategic training and workforce development leads across Leicester, Leicester & Rutland.

Regulations, Duties & Legislation

The Training strategy is written within a legal framework and as such based on Working Together to Safeguard Children March 2015.

For safeguarding learning, the LSCB has a statutory duty and responsibility as follows:

These duties are determined by Working Together 2015, Regulation 5, Local Safeguarding Children's Boards Regulation 2006 & Children Act 2004.

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Learning, Development & Training Strategy and associated documents are the intellectual property of Leicestershire & Rutland and Leicester City Safeguarding Boards, and cannot be used without expressed permission of those LSCB's, and must not be reproduced or used for commercial or financial gain.