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Working in partnership

Staff who have 'Dual / Multiple' role and responsibilities

It is acknowledged that a number of individuals will have a range of roles and responsibilities within their organisation, and therefore could fall into a number of different competency groups. For example one person within an organisation can have 3 different roles which fall into different groups in relation to safeguarding.

One individual may be the designated person (Group 5) who also delivers the internal in house safeguarding training (Group 9) and also is an operational manager (Group 6) therefore the job role relates to 3 different competency groups.

The Competency Framework supports a pragmatic approach to those with multiple roles, and does not expect the individuals to complete 3 separate evidence logs, and recognises that each group will have similar competencies in specific areas that relate to the different roles.

In order to support those who have 'multiple roles', the LSCB have developed template evidence logs that merge different competency groups, allowing just one evidence log to be used, rather than completing for each individual Group. The competencies from the different groups have been 'themed' into areas for ease of use, and to try and prevent repetition.

The following roles have been recognised as having the potential to have multiple roles and forms have been created based on the following groups in a number of combinations.

Group 5 Designated & Named Persons including stand alone practitioners

Group 6 Organisational Managers

Group 7 Senior Managers

Group 8 LSCB Board members, Directors, Management Committees, Governors, Board of Trustees, owner/managers etc

Group 9 Those who deliver Safeguarding Learning.

Please advise if there are combination of roles that have not been recognised at this stage!

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