Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP)

Making Safeguarding Personal or MSP aims to develop an outcomes focus to safeguarding work, and a range of responses to support people to improve or resolve their circumstances. It is about engaging with people about the outcomes they want at the beginning and middle of working with them, and then ascertaining the extent to which those outcomes were realised at the end.

MSP seeks to achieve:

  • A personalised approach that enables safeguarding to be done with, not to, people
  • Practice that focuses on achieving meaningful improvement to people's circumstances rather than just on 'investigation' and 'conclusion'
  • An approach that utilises social work skills rather than just 'putting people through a process'
  • An approach that enables practitioners, families, teams and SABs to know what difference has been made

Making Safeguarding Personal: For Safeguarding Adults Boards

  • 'Myths and realities' about Making Safeguarding personal 'Myths and realities' about Making Safeguarding personal (PDF, 140 Kb)

    This briefing has been developed
    to address misconceptions and a
    superficial understanding about Making
    Safeguarding Personal, and to caution
    those who interpret this approach
    simplistically. It supports and promotes
    relationship and strength based
    approaches in practice. It acknowledges
    the complexity of people’s lives and
    challenges for practitioners to enable
    people (with their representatives
    or advocates if they lack mental
    capacity) to keep themselves safe and
    safeguarded, and to achieve resolution
    and recovery in their lives.