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Working in partnership

Group 5: Specialist Front Line Practitioners: Designated & Named Persons, including 'stand alone' practitioners

Target group

Members of the workforce who have particular responsibilities in relation to advising and supporting other professionals who may have safeguarding concerns, who have the responsibility to receive and refer safeguarding information. This includes 'stand alone' practitioners - roles such as child minders, private tutors (i.e. those who work independently.)

Overview: 'Specialist Front Line Practitioners'

Specialist training and enhancing knowledge and skills around promoting effective professional practice, and the specific roles and duties around advising others in the capacity of Professional Advisor, Named and Designated Leads, Safeguarding Supervisor (Health), independent / stand alone practitioners.

The employing agency/organisation has the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring staff within this group meet the required competencies by provision and recognition of opportunities to access a range of learning opportunities.
  • The organisation has responsibility for accessing the learning opportunities and evidencing and recording that staff meet these competencies.
  • Ensuring staff have the opportunity to attend multi-agency training opportunities

Designated Role: Advice & Guidance including 'stand alone practitioners'

It is recognised that this specialist role is one of the most significant in supporting and safeguarding children and young people.

The LSCB had developed some additional guidance and notes for those practitioners who undertake this role.

Please refer to the detailed guidance and supporting information for designated roles to support the designated role.

For those who are 'stand alone' (self employed) practitioners, eg child minders, private tutors, independent sports coaches etc, they are in a designated position and will also need to meet the requirements of Group 5.

Many designated roles in organisations may also have other roles and responsibilities, therefore may fall into a 'multiple role'. Please refer to the identification of role information to help you identify the correct group(s).


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