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Working in partnership

Group 4: Specialist Front Line Practitioners: staff who undertake Child Protection Enquiries

Target group

Members of the workforce who have particular responsibilities in relation to undertaking Section 47 enquiries, including professionals from health, education, police and children's social care; those who work with complex cases and social work staff responsible for coordinating assessments of children in need.

Overview: 'Specialist Front Line Practitioners'

Specialist training with the aim of enhancing knowledge and skills around complex assessments including risk assessments; legislation and procedures that inform the process of working together and undertaking complex assessments including S47 enquiries. The learning should also provide an opportunity for people to learn about the role of others and explore professional dilemmas in practice.

The employing agency/organisation has the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring staff within this group meet the required competencies.
  • The organisation, delivery and recording that learning has been undertaken to enable staff to meet these competencies.
  • Ensuring that learning to support meeting these competencies reflects the LSCB Core values (as above) and Best Practice Guidance for learning, development and training.
  • Ensuring staff have the opportunity to attend multi-agency training learning opportunities


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