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Working in partnership

Group 2: Essential Awareness in Safeguarding

Target group

Those who work regularly, or have a period of intense but regular contact with children and young people or with staff who may be in a position to identify concerns and who may be expected to contribute to the assessment of the child's developmental needs or the adult's parenting capacity.

Overview: 'Essential Awareness in Safeguarding'

To increase awareness and confidence building in respect of identification, responding, recording and reporting processes involved in child protection. Also considering legislation, attitudes & values and blocks & challenges in safeguarding.

The employing agency/organisation has the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring staff within this group meet the required competencies.

  • The organisation, delivery and recording that learning has been undertaken to enable staff to meet these competencies.

  • Ensuring that learning to support meeting these competencies reflects the LSCB Core values (as above) and Best Practice Guidance for learning, development and training.


An Essential Awareness course is one of the core or foundation training courses that most practitioners will attend at some stage in their safeguarding learning.

This course underpins good safeguarding practice, and can be delivered in a variety of ways to gain key information about practitioners roles and responsibilities.

The LSCB has developed some suggested guidance of what essential awareness training could include (this needs to be adapted to organisational, individual requirements, taking into account previous training and existing knowledge.)

This suggested guidance can be used to support the development of high quality learning for this essential course.

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Learning, Development & Training Strategy and associated documents are the intellectual property of Leicestershire & Rutland and Leicester City Safeguarding Boards, and cannot be used without expressed permission of those LSCB's, and must not be reproduced or used for commercial or financial gain.