Free LLR Multi Agency Safeguarding Trainings by EARLY HELP as part of the Early Help Offer

The Reducing Parental Conflict Programme is funded by the DWP based on EIF research. In the East Midlands we are taking a regional approach, working together to share resources and plan for positive change for children and families.

Co-parenting adults argue and disagree for a number of reasons. When arguments become a frequent part of day to day life for children, when they are exposed to intense arguments, or when arguments are not resolved well, evidence shows that children are at more risk of multiple negative outcomes. This programme is designed to upskill staff that work with families.

Please note: the following training opportunities are not delivered by the SCP, therefore are not subject to the SCPs' terms and conditions.

Reducing Parental Conflict(RPC)Modules 2&3 - Multiple Dates


Leicester City:


Reducing Parental Conflict(RPC)Modules 1&2 - Multiple Dates

Reducing Parental Conflict Module 1 - Half Day Event

Reducing Parental Conflict Module 4 - Half Day Event

Reducing Parental Conflict : Train the Trainer - Two Day Event

Other Multi-Agency Trainings